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Approximate ages of children cared for in this program: 2 to 3 years of age

Child Teacher Ratio: 5 to 1


Older Toddlers are no longer toddlers, yet they are not quite Preschoolers.  Their growing skills require opportunities to experiment with a wide variety of materials and situations.  Like Young toddlers, oOlder toddlers are struggling with issues of dependence versus independence, and so again both the security of structure and the freedom of making simple choices are provided.  The Children’s Learning Center offers challenge and stimulation as these children become more and more self-sufficient.  The teachers recognize learning is built into activities - but the pressure to learn is not.  As their language skills increase, teachers pay special attention, providing many day-to-day chances to use this most vital new tool.  The Children’s Learning Center provides warmth and security along with the finger paints and balance beams, the songs and dress-up clothes, the puzzles and picture books and much more.