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Approximate ages of children cared for in this program: 3 to 4 years of age

Child Teacher Ratio: 8 to 1


Since children learn from personal interaction and talking about their experiences, the teacher's role is to provide an environment that promotes active learning.  Active learning occurs when the following ingredients are present: materials for each child, manipulation of those materials, the opportunity to choose what to do with the materials, words chosen and used by the child, and support by teachers or peers that helps the child think about his or her actions.  The Preschool environment is set up to promote each child's feeling of independence and competence.  Areas are well defined, materials are easily accessible, and both areas and materials are clearly labeled.  The daily routine follows a predictable pattern and varies only with prior notice. Because of this predictability, the children are able to anticipate the sequence of events.  This leads to feelings of control over both their environment and their time.  By giving attention to each child's needs and interests, the teachers are able to "customize" the curriculum and tailor a very personal educational "fit".