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The Children’s Learning Center participates in an emergent curriculum with hands-on experiences to promote the five main areas of development

  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical


Small child to teacher ratios allow for more one-on-one time.  This gives the child the opportunity to build a strong positive relationship with his/her teacher and lets the teacher focus on the individual needs of the child.


Large environments provide children the space to explore their surroundings without the constant interference of others.  Small cozy areas are designed to give children a safe place where they can collaborate with just one or two others or have some time alone.


A large array of age appropriate materials are offered to stimulate a child’s creativity.  Allowing a child to choose their materials and activities builds self-esteem and enhances problem solving skills.   Having a large assortment of materials that are accessible to the children also minimizes the struggle between peers over a single item.


Experienced teachers use small class sizes, large spacious rooms and bountiful selection of  materials to create a safe nurturing environment built to meet the needs of the children.