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Approximate ages of children cared for in this program: children enrolled in elementary school, grades 1 through 6.
Child Teacher Ratio: 12 to 1


The Children’s Learning Center offers before and after school care, as well as full day care on most school holidays and during the summer months.  The children are offered both structured (teacher directed) and unstructured (child directed) choices of activities.  These include games, crafts, sports, cooking, music, drama, and computers among others.  School age children are in the process of learning how they fit in to the larger world. Rules and social opinions (peer pressure) are very important to them. Through playing games and participating in sports, they have the chance to practice and develop decision-making skills, teamwork, a sense of fair play, and how language can be used to communicate ideas and feelings.


The Children’s Learning Center’s Summer Program offers an expanded opportunity for field trips, swimming, and other activities.  Children will spend part of the week outside the center.  The time at the center will be filled with enjoyable age appropriate activities.